24 July 2007

July 2007 snapshot of UK HE and FE developments in SL

Recently an excellent 'snapshot' of UK education in Second Life was publish by John Kirriemuir (Silversprite Helsinki) and the Eduserve Foundation. It provides an up to date (July 2007) authoritative survey of UK educational activity in Second Life and is well worth reading if you are in any way involved with education in Second Life. The report summarises an investigation into the use and uptake of Second Life by UK Higher and Further Education.

The research, carried out in the period up until July 2007, had four main goals:

1) to determine the "state of play" of SL developments within the Higher and Further Education sector.
2) to discover how these developments are supported, in terms of time, funding and other resources.
3) to explore the functionality of these developments, i.e. which types of media or interactive service they incorporate.
4) to establish how "busy", or well-used, the developments have been and discover any impacts resulting from their implementation and use.

You can find a link to the downloadable article below. University of Derby and EducationUK Island get several mentions and shows that we are one of the leading pioneers in teaching and research within Second Life the UK at present. Many thanks to John for putting this together.

A July 2007 "snapshot" of UK Higher and Further Education Developments in Second Life [PDF]


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