05 September 2007

JISC Services Upskilling Event - Oxford

Last week I gave a talk on behalf of Derby University and Education UK on Second Life to JISC in Oxford at their JISC Services Upskilling Event. This was an internal event and provided delegates with the opportunity to find out a bit more about how Second Life is used. The event was impressive with just under 100 delegates, all it seemed, with wireless laptops. Well, it was meant to be a paperless event I suppose. I did two sessions and got some great questions about the functionality of Second Life as a teaching platform and about the educational use of it now. Thanks to all those who spoke with me about Second Life at this event and those who expressed an interest in research and teaching in Second Life. See you in London on the 20th...

Here is the presentation:


  1. I seem to have to provide a username and password to get at your presentation in the JISC wiki?

    Any chance you could put it on Slideshare.net as well?


  2. Is done. Looking forward to hearing you in London.


    Simon/Milton (not sure which to use these days.

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