11 January 2008

Science Friday

Science Friday is an American public radio show and a gathering in Second Life about SCIENCE. The event takes place in Second Life on FRIDAYs. Simple as the concept is it works a treat. You can find the in-world location by clicking here.

Topics are always stimulating and the show has guests and takes telephone calls from listeners and questions from SL residents. There are often debates about science in education and the topics are varied and interesting.

If you attend the Second Life event you'll get to interact with the constant stream of public text messages that the audience send each other. These vary from the astute and profound to the ignorant and stupid. The audience seem to be comprised of a disproportionate amount of American 'professionals' from a wide range of occupations. Partly I think because of the shows US popularity and partly because of the SL users. Keep your eye out for Lindens (Avatars of those who work for Second Life creators Linden Lab) they are regularly at this event.

The host Ira Flatow (SL:Ira Flatley) who is in-world during the show is entertaining and keeps the show moving along well. He's the guy in the white t-shirt in the centre of the group in the pictures. The 2 hour show/meetings are fun and educational, there's always plenty to learn and I'd very much recommend that you try them on 8pm GMT on Fridays. You can visit the website here.

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