17 March 2008

Child-like intelligence created in Second Life

A new artificial intelligence program has been created in Second life that is claimed to have a rudimentary theory of mind and the intelligence of a four-year-old child. The ‘child’ is a product of logic-based artificial intelligence and complex modelling techniques, and operates on what has been said to be the most powerful university-based supercomputing system in the world.

A creation of researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, four-year-old ‘Eddie’ has his own set of beliefs and the ability to reason about his beliefs to draw conclusions in a manner that matches human children his age. This includes a partially-developed "Theory of Mind", which allows him to understand, predict and manipulate the behaviour of other agents and human Second Life residents, with whom researchers expect the technology to be able to one day interact with in the real, physical world.

Please see HERE for the full article at ITNews.com.


  1. yes, well... wow! Amazing. What more can one say. I'm an SLer and I'm also very curious about the theory of the mind. I've been researching and developing theories (as we all do!:) and am increasingly discovering links between the way the mind works and the way businesses work. I'm particularly interested in the dynamic relationships between our left and right hemispheres. It seems fundamental to me. Conflict when there are apposing views, and harmony when they get on, or align themselves with common purpose. My work is about Branding, so you can see how this would apply. My question is can you point me to some good "laymaterial" on the subject?

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