18 June 2008

Fellow Blogger blogs on Autism talk

I was recently asked by Mariano DiFabio to give a Second Life lecture on Autism in virtual worlds for his New York-based biopharm neetup group. We had about 20 attendees (avatars) at the lecture at SL-Labs and what was planned as a short talk on the potential of virtual environments for people with Autism lasted over an hour. This talk was given using Second Life's voice capability and worked well. There were a number of important questions raised at the end, especially some that opened up the topic of how skills learned in-world might generalise to real life.
I look forward to following up on many of the new projects I found out about and talking with the new freinds I made at the meeting. Here's a link to Mariano's report on the talk. Avelient BioPharm Blog

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